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Srajan Academy

359, Road No. 10,
Shri Niketan Street,
Ashok Nagar, Udaipur-313001
Rajasthan [INDIA]

Tel.: +91 294 2415704

E-mail : info@srajanacademy.com
About Us

Srajan Academy too is working as a sculpture since the day of its establishment .It aims at moulding its students towards the path of success .Creating professionals has become an eternal part and a tendency of Srajan academy.

    Today Srajan Academy stands at the acme in the minds of students. It has become a dream destination for every individual with aim of standing at the pinnacle.

After the surveys being done, Srajan Academy proved to have given the most number of top rankers since the year of it s establishments .Any AIR record seems to be curtailed without Srajanians. The success stories of Srajan Academy are not sheer fairy tales. This has been proved by the unforgettable strength of toppers at Srajan Academy.

  The success Of Srajan Academy is not only confined to the minds of student’s in Udaipur but students from distant locations also come to acquire edification from the faculty at Srajan Academy. The students throng of Srajan Academy from distant locations constitute chiefly of girls who in spite of belonging to a conformist family didn’t have to face their parent’s opposition. This happened because of the sake and sound paying guest provision provided by Srajan Academy.

  Srajan Academy has reached a stature that it is the most admired institution by renowned C.A.’s.They prefer that their own offspring get education from Srajan Academy. They recommend the same to their relatives as well.

  We, at Srajan Academy, take care of the study material that our apprentices cram. We endow them with the best available study material. The students are prepared for their final aspiration by regular assessments. To maintain this regular check, we have two types of test series for them-the minor test series .We, here at Srajan Academy aspire to engage the parents as our students also. This is our motive behind the performance statement being sent to parents.

  Srajan Academy has confiscated students from all over Rajasthan and setrs sight on expanding itself as a C.A. and C.S. institution, which would impart graduation to its apprentice in conjunction with training for growing into a professional.

  Thus, Srajan Academy has traversed the periphery of being recognized as coaching establishments for and of Udaipur and it intends to serve those who aspires the best in an unsurpassed approach.

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Teaching Methodology

The institute offers many avenues that expand the mind and develop intellectual potential of student’s .Srajan Shape professional leaders who are ready to take on the challenge of corporate world.

  • The various approaches to learning include:
  • Traditional Classroom instructions
  • Projector teaching for fast learning
  • Students are provided with comprehensive study package &compilers containing last 25 attempts question papers for C.A. & C.S. aspirants
  • Text Books for references
  • Home & Class assignments
  • Minor/major tests &marks display on notice board
  • Seminars from time to time
  • Performance Appraisal
  • Study material Hindi/English

The main intention is to present the subject matter in such a manner that would help the students to gain better in-depth knowledge & understanding of subject.

What gives Srajan an Edge over Other Institutions?

  • Regular Attendance
  • Test Series for all subjects
  • Srajan Times (newsletter)
  • Special fee package
  • Special batches for Hindi medium students
  • Scholarship to toppers& meritorious students
  • Video camera for watching student’s activity
  • Report card on regular basis to involve parents
  • Compulsory 250hrs computer training for C.A. students (awaited)


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